Misguided Christmas holiday efforts

The Christmas merchandizing push now starts after Halloween but really gets into high gear after Thanksgiving. Lewis Black looks at this year’s efforts to make the holiday season more inclusive and finds the efforts wanting.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Auschwitz Christmas tree ornaments??? Would even a neo-nazi find those a pleasant thing to ring in the joy of Christmas with?
    As to the Hallmark movie where a Jew doesn’t know how to celebrate Christmas, what’s not to know? As Lewis Black pointed out, it isn’t like we hide Christmas under a bushel. Just watch A Charlie Brown Christmas one or two times and you will know as much about the holiday as any average American does. Do the Hallmark people also think that Jews have horns on their heads?

  2. rrutis1 says

    I know you are asking “Do the Hallmark people also think that Jews have horns on their heads?” but given the quality of the writing in Hallmark movies, I think it is safe to say they don’ know much, except clichés.

  3. Callinectes says

    The War on Christmas will not stop until Christmas ends its illegal occupation of November. There can be no ceasefire until it withdraws to its annually recognised December territories.

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