The fight over infrastructure

Currently there is a big partisan battle over funding infrastructure improvements. It is interesting that we never see such battles when it comes to funding the war machine.

(Pearls Before Swine)


  1. says

    The same people who are against infrastructure spending kept voting to keep blowing up Syrian and Afghani infrastructure. They aren’t really concerned about the budget -- they’re just sadists.

  2. lanir says

    I feel like the republicans are just waiting for the infrastructure issues to get so bad that even the corporate types get it through their thick heads that spending money on it is going to save them money. Then they’ll push for it. And the republicans will still resist until they get to put one of their faces at the front of it. Then suddenly all hurdles will disappear.

    Unfortunately waiting for these types to figure out how to do basic math is going to take awhile. These are the same bozos who think outsourcing everything is cheaper than having employees. So maybe when one of them has a Newton moment with a chunk of concrete instead of an apple we’ll finally see some movement on this. But I’m not holding my breath.

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