Trump’s Folly

As part of his xenophobic, racist, nativist, anti-immigrant campaign, Trump pushed for a ‘big, beautiful wall’ along the border that Mexico would pay for. Like most of that blowhard’s promises, it was a sham. The useless wall is neither big nor beautiful nor did Mexico pay for it. Trump built a total of 453 miles of wall but many parts of it were not contiguous making it even more useless. Worse, the process of construction led to the carving of access roads and blasting staging areas that left horrible scars on a pristine, beautiful landscape, scars that will lead to further erosion over time. I hope this becomes known as Trump’s Folly.

Laiken Jordahl, a borderlands campaigner for the Center for Biological Diversity, described a similar scene in the Coronado National Memorial, an otherwise protected landscape. He called it “completely surreal.”

“We’ve got a mile section of wall standing as an island in the middle of these rugged mountains, with nothing on either side of it,” he told Insider.

“It’s got half-dynamited hillsides that will just start eroding away as soon as it rains, destroying more habitat and wilderness land.

“It’s infuriating – they’ve destroyed so much in order to put up this tiny section of wall in the middle of a beautiful national park and national forestland.”

John Darwin Kurc documented the atrocities at the above link. Here are two of his photographs.

And here is aerial footage.

A colossal waste of money that destroyed a harsh but beautiful landscape, a physical example of Trump leaving ruin in his wake.


  1. steveht says

    The useless wall and the access roads have destroyed what used to be some of the most beautiful, pristine, remote country in Arizona. A favorite drive of mine used to be the Camino del Diablo which wound along the border from Organ Pipe NM to the Tinajas Altas mountains near Yuma (pics in the article show a new canyon blasted through them). The road goes through the Cabeza Prieta wilderness which is supposedly where Edward Abbey is buried. It was a magical place.

    I have not been down to see the devastation myself, but I have read that the adventurous road has been straightened and turned into a three lane highway.

    @#($*&%&*(@(*@!!! Trump’s folly indeed.

  2. mailliw says

    Matt G @3

    Whatever happened to “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”?

    “Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu errichten” (Nobody has the intention to build a wall).

    East German leader Walter Ulbricht -- shortly before the building of the Berlin wall.

    Trump promised to build a wall, but didn’t, Ulbricht built a wall with out even intending to…

  3. blf says

    @5, Keep in mind much of the funds were taken from the military by a national emergency proclamation, which President Biden has now rescinded. There was little in new funds per se, much(? most?) being redirectedconfiscated funds. From memory, most of the confiscated funding was for “routine” stuff like housing, base maintenance, medical programs, etc., not weapons or similar.

  4. friedfish2718 says

    Questions to Mr Singham:
    1- Are you a USA citizen?
    2- If you are a USA citizen, who do you care for more: the USA citizen or the Foreigner?

    A Parent that cares more for someone else’s child than its own is not only a bad parent but a bad person.
    The USA is a nation of citizens.
    Stating that Nation X is a nation of immigrants is an irrelevant and immaterial statement for all nations are nations of immigrants. Not so long ago the Planet had no humans.
    The sentiment of xenophilia that you express is similar to the sentiment of slaveholders of yesteryear: We need to import foreigners to the US!!! We need the labor!!!
    Why do you drool like a ghoul, hungering for global war/conflict which produces the precious refugees which you traffic into the USA?

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