Flashback: “Henry Kissinger is not my friend”

I was pleased to be reminded of this great moment from one of the debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic campaign that showed once again why she was such an awful candidate. How anyone could value the friendship of that war criminal and see him as a mentor beats me.


  1. says

    Thay was another example of Clinton saying something unnecessary and damaging. Assuming that she felt anyone would care, which she didn’t. And that’s the point.

    “Speaking as one of his friends, I don’t think Hienrich’s hobbies are that good but I don’t want to join a rush to judgement.”

    Kissinger was responsible for between 1 and 2 million dead. He did it offhandedly out of nihilist realpolitik (now there’s a Hitlerian term!) and not hatred. Hey is he a baseball fan?

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Henry Kissinger
    How I’m missing ya
    Your the doctor of my dreams
    With your crinkly hair
    And your glassy stare
    And your machiavellian schemes
    Alright so people say that you don’t care
    But you’ve got nicer legs than Hitler
    And bigger tits than Cher
    Henry Kissinger
    Oh how I’m missing ya
    And wishing you were here

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