1. StonedRanger says

    Im just wondering how long it will take to hear them blame hillary or obama. Its been nearly three months.

  2. raven says

    It’s very strange how they managed to investigate…Benghazi.
    After all, 4 Americans did die at Benghazi.

    There were 33 congressional investigations that lasted for 7 years.
    “Oct 22, 2015 — Hillary Clinton faced 11 hours of questioning before the House about Benghazi…”
    The conclusion was, basically nothing. Stuff happens and we’ve had far worse attacks on our embassies.

    So the GOP investigated Benghazi for 7 years and they want to investigate the Capitol building attack, which killed more people at 5, for…3 weeks.
    This is your brain on hypocrisy, fascism, and GOP values.
    Just say no.
    They need to appoint a Special Prosecutor and investigate it for at least a few years.

    PS Another comparison would be…Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. A minor affair versus an insurrection and attack.

  3. raven says

    After the Trump inauguration, DHS/FBI arrested 200 people who were mostly peaceful demonstrators and mostly a long way from any important government buildings.

    These demonstrations were so serious that the US DOJ managed to get zero convictions in court trials for any of them and ended up dismissing the charges.

    As we’ve seen over and over again, it makes a huge difference whether you are right wing or leftist and white or nonwhite. The toll on police officers alone in the current attacks is 140 wounded, some seriously, one murdered, two suicides. Plus 4 dead attackers.

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