I have a better idea than Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera was once, if you can believe it, considered to be a genuine reporter but he descended into the fever swamps of Fox News and is now one of Trump’s most groveling sycophants. But he outdid himself with the suggestion he made yesterday.

I think that a better idea would be to rename to coronavirus that causes covid-19 after Trump. Right now it has the awkward and hard-to-remember name of SARS-CoV-2. Calling it the ‘Trump virus’ would not only be easier, it would be more appropriate since it is his utter failure to deal with it that has now led to over a quarter of a million deaths in the US with no end in sight.

Then we could ask each other, “Have you got your immunity to Trump?”


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    “Time to take a Trump.”

    “Did you take a Trump today?” “No, I’m constipated.”

    Etc, etc, etc!

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