Seth Meyers on Trump’s use of hydroxychloroquine

Meyers is not sure whether Trump is actually taking the drug, something that scientists are warning against, or is lying about do. But that is largely immaterial. The danger is not what the drug might do to Trump but that people who admire him might think that it is a good idea to follow suit simply because he is doing it.


  1. Nimal Gunatilleke says

    This is an experiment of sorts now, whether the president is lying or not, we will have the consequences of what he says he did. If we assume that Mr. T is seeking some advantage from what he is saying and doing, and from past experience where he takes as many sides of an issue as possible, it will be hard to find out what indeed he is seeking other than to win again. So how does this help? Some people may show “benefits” while taking hydroxychloroquine but we will not have a high degree of proof. But even if one fat person dies, even the it might not be proof that this works!

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