Wooden toy train stunts

I am spending some time with my grandsons and the older three-year old has a wooden toy train set just like the one in the video below. I had no idea that it could be set up to do stunts like the ones shown.


  1. machintelligence says

    The track is made of wood, of at least it used to be.Thirty odd years ago I made a whole switch yard for my nephew out of birch cabinet grade plywood. I even had a custom router bit made to cut the track grooves to match the factory profile.
    I checked — track is still wood, as are some of the cars, but there is now plastic used for some parts.

  2. says

    Check the comments. like this one:

    I think the course is on a steep slope that the camera angle is masking, and that it has been shot in high speed so that it can be slowed down to appear to be rolling on a flatter track. After that I’m guessing lots and lots of takes. Really beautifully done.

    For all that, I agree; the video is well done.

  3. lorn says

    Initial response: Cool, that’s neat, I wonder how they did that?

    A few minutes later the conclusion is: Somebody has waaaay too much time on their hands.

  4. file thirteen says

    @hyphenman #5

    Yeah, the “jump” at the 35-40 second mark made me wonder whether it was all cgi. Or perhaps they shot it on the moon.

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