Update on British politics from Jonathan Pie

He says that Boris Johnson is utterly out of his depth as prime minister and that any other prime minister who has had the kind of setbacks that he has had in the last few weeks would have been out on his ear. (Language advisory of course.)


  1. ColeYote says

    John Oliver’s description of Boris Johnson as “Donald Trump with his hair on backwards” seems more apt every day.

  2. Jenora Feuer says

    I still like the Globe and Mail’s take a few weeks ago (for those unfamiliar with Canadian newspapers, the Globe and Mail is about as left-wing as the Financial Times above; the two have shared articles in the past): How bad is Boris Johnson? We can’t even find the words

    We begin this editorial with an apology to you, our faithful readers. In March, we described the Brexit situation, then careening through its third year and nowhere close to resolution, as an “omnishambles.”

    An omnishambles is a state of utter chaos, total disorder and perfect mismanagement – which brings us to our apology. If you’ve been paying any attention to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, you know that, in declaring United Kingdom politics to have reached peak shambolic six months ago, we spoke too soon. Oh, did we ever.

    Because if the Conservative government was making an omnishambles of Brexit back in the spring – a happy era now remembered as a halcyon age of a merely half-hearted appetite for national self-destruction – then what words can adequately describe the scale of Mr. Johnson’s achievements?

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