George Conway has Trump’s number

The husband of devoted Trump aide and supporter Kellyanne Conway knows exactly how this latest mass murder atrocity will play out when it comes to Trump’s response.

  1. Trump will go on TV and give a speech. On paper, the speech may say some of the right things. It will look somewhat presidential. There’s an off chance it might even be good (grading on a curve).
  2. But the problem will be that it was given by Trump, who’s incapable of sincere empathy. So it’ll be hard to believe that he believes the words he said. And his speech won’t address his own hateful, racist rhetoric.
  3. So he’ll be roundly criticized for that. And he’ll also be criticized on policy grounds, because whatever he says on that score will not suffice for many people.
  4. He’ll see and hear all this criticism on TV, and he’ll stew. And stew. He’ll grow angry and resentful that he was forced to give the speech in the first place.
  5. Finally, perhaps within 24 or 48 hours, the narcissistic pressure will break the dam, and his anger and frustration will gush forward.
  6. He’ll tweet, otherwise say, or do something that’ll completely undo whatever positive benefit came from the speech.
  7. We’ve seen this movie before how many times?

Conway is right. Trump obviously does not care at all about the victims of his inciting rhetoric. He will only care about how people are so ungrateful for not fawning over his obviously phony gestures of sympathy.


  1. says

    Probably the same applies to George Conway: he chooses the company he keeps and even though he complains a lot he’s married to Trump’s Goebbels. He’s just another nihilist swamp dweller.

  2. Owlmirror says

    George Conway […] chooses the company he keeps and even though he complains a lot he’s married to Trump’s Goebbels.

    I wonder if the couple think of themselves as Locke+Demosthenes? Of course, that means that Kellyanne is secretly horrified and disgusted by the role she plays, and by Trump’s administration, while George is secretly an ambitious sociopath aiming to become Hegemon President.

  3. Alan Coovert says

    Can we kick Donald Trump out of the White House and turn it into a homeless shelter?

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