Louis C. K. has decided to embrace his inner jerk

None of us are wholly good or wholly bad. We all have our good and bad sides. If we are lucky, we are self-aware enough to know that we have bad sides and work to suppress it. But sometimes it escapes our control and reveals itself to others and we receive criticism. What happens next is the decisive thing. We can acknowledge that we did something wrong, apologize, make amends as much as possible, and vow to try and keep our bad side under greater control. Or we can decide that the revelation of our bad side means that we can give ourselves over completely to it and even revel in it.

It seems like Louis C. K. has decided on the second option. After receiving criticism for the things he said in an earlier return to stand up last month, Stacey Solie reports that he seems to have doubled down, to show that this is who he really wants to be.

So be it.


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