Nancy Pelosi knows Trump’s weaknesses

Nancy Pelosi has written to Donald Trump saying that it would be best to postpone his State of the Union address to the joint session of Congress, scheduled for January 29, until after the government shutdown ends or that he could give it in writing as presidents once used to do. She is effectively withdrawing the invitation for him to speak and since the Speaker is the one who controls the event, she has the right to do so. Trump is realizing that no longer having his obedient puppy Paul Ryan as Speaker has real consequences.

Pelosi is playing hardball. She cites his own the Department of Homeland Services secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in her letter, saying that security concerns are the reason for disinviting Trump since that department has not been funded due to the shutdown. But she knows that Trump loves to be the center of attention and bloviate to a national audience and the SOTU address is one of the biggest platforms for doing so, full of pomp and circumstance.

It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts to what is definitely a deliberate but subtle insult. Knowing him, I am sure that we can expect a mature and dignified response.


  1. Amarantha Dyuaaxchs says

    Probably something along the lines of: “You didn’t disinvite me, I decided not to go because you don’t deserve me.”

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    If he wants to go ahead and give a talk, schedule it for 4 AM so he misses out on prime tweeting time.

  3. StonedRanger says

    Deliver it in writing? Herr Dumpf cant write a sentence that makes sense on twitter, I predict this will be the first state of the union printed entirely in block letters in pencil.

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