1. lorn says

    Yes, if you notice that the ends move relative to each other you figure some sort of chicanery is going on. But the mechanism is still quite a good mystery. I seems quite a complicated behavioral matrix.

    Amazing that it is such a simple mechanism.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Are there left and right threads too?

    BTW it is not a screw it is a bolt. Screws have sharp pointy ends.

  3. Norm Geary says

    No its not a bolt its a screw because the whole shank is threaded -- bolts do not have the thread go up to the head.

  4. methuseus says

    It’s a bolt because it’s being used with a nut. If it was being inserted into a piece with pre-formed threads, it would be considered a screw. It doesn’t matter how far up the shaft the threads go, or even how you drive the head. It is purely whether you use a nut or not. Bolts commonly have some part of the shank unthreaded, but they are still called bolts if used with a nut no matter how far the threads go.

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