Conan O’Brien gets a new family

Readers may remember when I wrote about this business in Japan founded by Ishii Yuichi that will supply you with a fake family or friends that will meet your specific needs.

So far, Yuichi has amassed about 800 employees to fulfill just about every role imaginable. Yuichi himself has been keeping up elaborate lies for years. Since the early days of the business, he has been pretending to be the father to a young girl, whose biological father left when she was just a baby. The girl believes Yuichi is her real dad.

“Sometimes we dine together,” Yuichi told Morin of his fake daughter. “We’ve been to theme parks, like Disneyland. We go shopping in Harajuku once a month. The mother pays about 20,000 yen per four hours, plus expenses. That’s about $200.”

Prices can vary based on the role the actor will fill, and for how long. Weddings are among the priciest occasions, as Family Romance charges approximately $88 per actor, per hour, to attend the wedding. They can pose as a fake guest, fake coworker, or fake relative. A fake parent costs slightly more, at $132 an hour.

Conan O’Brien is currently in Japan and decided to get himself a new family from Yuichi because he was dissatisfied with some aspects of his current family back in the US.


  1. ridana says

    All of the videos in that series are hilarious, as is his reason for going in the first place, though some are a bit cringey as well. The one where he learns manners is pretty great.

    I did share his shock that the 12-year-old was fine with a 3-year contract. Or rather, that her actual parents are.

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