The limited power of teaching by mimicry

Here is a cute video of a martial arts instructor trying to teach a small child how to break a oard with her feet. (Go here if you cannot see the embedded video.)

Funny Video of the day for sure! from r/funny

(Via Jason Wesinberger)


  1. says

    There’s a certain level of complexity to some sports, that I don’t think kids are ready to understand. I feel like it’s almost child abuse, because parents are basically trying to decide what a child’s interests will be, before the child has a chance to even understand what interests are. Usually I’m suspicious of parents who do that sort of thing; I think they’re living out their life-fantasies or hoping to breed the next Tiger Woods.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Oh Marcus
    Don’t be a party-pooper.
    She finally succeeded by breaking it with her bum.

  3. Jazzlet says

    Sorry chigau, I’m with Marcus on this. It’s not just sports either, parents do the same to their children in relation to maths and chess as well. It is not a good way to have a rounded child. My father was a maths professor at Oxford and therefore our family was part of an informal program of ‘sociliasing’ the young maths geniuses, because in their enthusiasm to develop their child’s maths skills the parents had often neglected their child’s social skills. While students of 14 and over were admitted without special vote that didn’t mean they were left to their own devices and where necessary there was this informal program teaching things like social skills, because boy did they need it. To me what those parents do is abuse.

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