Finding a slur for Belgians

Belgium has just lost its semi-final World Cup match against France. The British have a positive genius for coming up with derogatory names for the people of any ethnicity other than white and any nation other than their own. Monty Python noticed that they had not come up with a slur against Belgians and decided to find a good one.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    Afrikaaners (linguistic cousins to the Dutch and Flemish) have (had?) an interesting slur for Brits, or English-speaking South Africans; soutpiel, meaning “salty penis”. One foot in Africa, the other in UK, with dangly bits in the ocean.

    Yeah, sad that Belgium’s out. They had scoring chances, but squandered them.

    England faces Croatia in the other semi tomorrow. Any slurs for Croatians? I’m sure Serbs have a few.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    I can’t remember the movie star’s name, but she went on the Steve Allen Show and Allen, on learning she came from Belgium, asked, “Oh, do you speak Belch?”

  3. Matt G says

    In Murder by Death, the Poirot character is called “Frenchie” by Sam. He responds: “I’m not a Frenchie. I’m a Belgie”.

  4. rjw1 says

    Well, the British have some derogatory names for ‘colonials’ from their former white settler colonies. ‘Whiteness’ doesn’t necessarily make people immune from sneers by the English.

  5. Azkyroth-Derp says

    “Stellas” perhaps?

    PS: there is a bug where your site gives me an error message about “possible imposters” if I attempt to post with the username and email address I use elsewhere on FTB, and tells me to log in, but doesn’t give me any kind of login prompt.

    Fix this.

    It’s embarrassing by proxy.

  6. cartomancer says

    I look forward to one of the US TV networks buying the overseas rights to Prejudice! and updating it for a modern US audience.

    What was that? They already did it? It’s called Fox News?

    Oh. Carry on then.

  7. rjw1 says

    Matt G @8

    I’m not sure. The explanation is that historically, the only USAians that most people came into contact with were the Yankee sailors from the NE US. Some Americans are offended by being called “Yanks” others aren’t.

    mnbo @10

    To compound the offence English speakers refer to the Netherlands as “Holland”.
    Perhaps the offensive references originated in the 17th century when the country was a formidable enemy of the English.

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