Mike Pence has no shame

There is sycophancy and there is Mike Pence level of sycophancy. Watch this cringe-inducing video of vice president Pence shamelessly sucking up to Donald Trump at a recent cabinet meeting. We have seen this kind of obsequious fawning to Trump at cabinet meetings before but Pence raises it to a whole new level, especially considering that he knew that the news media were recording it. Watch if you have the stomach for it. If you don’t, you can read the transcript.

Usually, people who suck up to the boss like this are those who are insecure about their positions. As far as I am aware, Pence was not being viewed negatively by Trump. What this shows is that Pence has a deeply sycophantic mentality, brought to the surface by the fact that he is serving an immature and narcissistic boss who needs such regular fawning.

Even academics, who have some level of job security, are not immune to sycophantic tendencies. I have been at meetings in the university where a professor has effusively and exaggeratedly praised the provost or president in a way that made me cringe while listening, wondering if the person had no shame.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    This way when Trump disappears under mysterious circumstances,
    no one will suspect Pence.

  2. jrkrideau says

    As I said somewhere else, Pence has taken Uriah Heep as his role model. I think Heep was more sincere.

    Err chigau, do you have the phone number of your local police station handy?

  3. brucegee1962 says

    Foreign leaders have started doing this kind of thing too. I dunno — if there’s a minimally sane bully walking around the playground with a bunch of nukes in his back pocket, shameless flattery starts to sound like a reasonable strategy.

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