10-year old driver leads police on high speed chase

A 10-year old boy in Cleveland took his father’s car and set off a high speed chase that saw him driving on highways at speeds reaching 100 mph, pursued for 45 miles by a large number of police cars and his mother in another car.

She chased her son, who drove about 96 miles per hour, on I-90 through Cuyahoga, Lake and Erie counties, police and state troopers said. Stunned drivers called Westlake police and reported seeing the young boy speeding and his mother tailing him.

The state patrol picked up the chase when the boy entered I-80. At one point, a trooper pulled up next to the boy and motioned for him to stop. The boy shook his head and sped up, Reeder said.

During the chase, the boy successfully took evasive action to avoid police road blocks and spikes that had been thrown across the road. When police cars tried to box him in, he drove along the grassy verge by the side of the highway. He was finally stopped when a police car hit him in the rear, causing him to swerve and hit another police car.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol dash camera video of the chase and the boy’s arrest shows the boy driving on the opposite side of a metal barrier on the side of the Ohio Turnpike in Milan, successfully avoiding the spike strips and delaying the trailing police cruisers.

But the troopers caught up and boxed him in, and one cruiser struck the back driver’s side of the car, causing him to turn sharply toward the highway, where he hit another cruiser, ending the wild chase.

Troopers pulled the boy out of the car through the window. He kicked at the troopers and spit on them off camera, according to state patrol Lt. Richard Reeder said.

The boy was led to the back of one of the cruisers in handcuffs. His face showed no emotion.

You can see police dash-cam video of the chase here.

It is amazing that no one was killed. How does a 10-year old boy learn to drive like that?


  1. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 Tabby Lavalamp
    And he is probably lucky the windows were not heavily tinted.

    Why were so many cars chasing him? It would have just encouraged him.

  2. Matt G says

    I know the temptation. When I was at Oberlin, I saw Eric Clapton and special guest drummer Phil Collins at the Cleveland Coliseum. My good buddy from high school was visiting me, and came down in his Mustang. He decided to drink, so I drove us back to campus after the show. I got it up to 120 mph on I-80. There were no other cars around, so I was a danger to no one.

    Regarding the kid, what is the right way to handle something like this? Causing a crash can’t be part of that protocol.

  3. says

    Matt G @3

    Causing a crash is probably the last resort, and they likely try to minimize risk to bystanders. There gets to be a point where you have to stop the car to protect everyone else.

  4. Callinectes says

    I could drive like that at ten, while firing missiles at pursuers using my rear-view mirror by holding R1 and L1 on the controller.

  5. says

    His dad claimed he learned from video games. That could be somewhat true, I suppose. Also, I heard this is not the first time he has stolen a car! It seems the kid has issues. Dad didn’t seem all that worried about it in the clip I saw… which is also concerning.

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