What the power handshake really suggests

Much attention has focused on Donald Trump’s use of the handshake as a means of assering dominance over the other person by putting people off balance and the way that foreign leaders have responded. Way back in 1998, in one of his stand up performances, Eddie Izzard explained what the person using that handshake wants to suggest and what it really signifies.


  1. RationalismRules says

    Trump can’t even do the crushing handshake properly. The bizarre jerking thing he does isn’t dominant, it’s just absurd. Ok, I’m not a fan, but I sincerely doubt that even his most die-hard supporters think that handshake makes him look powerful.

  2. Matt G says

    If he jerked me in a handshake, I’d probably say “What the hell is the matter with you?”. It doesn’t say you’re dominant; it says you’re an ass.

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