Trump’s budget is what the oligarchs hoped for

The White House budget director Mick Mulvaney is a rabid tea partier and so it should be no surprise that the budget proposals that he unveiled this week consist of everything desired in the fevered dreams of the US oligarchs: massive tax cuts for the wealthy, deep and wide cuts in programs that benefit the poor and middle class, and increases in defense spending.

Bernie Sanders grills the odious Mulvaney on how he can justify given the Walton family a $52 billion tax break by repealing the estate tax. Mulvaney tried to weasel his way out of answering because there is no answer.

What about the increase of the deficit that Republicans say they care so much about it? That magically goes away thanks to the growth fairy that assumes such massive growth due to the tax cuts that revenues increase well beyond what they are now, and simple (but huge) arithmetic errors.

While it is correctly pointed out that White House budget proposals are aspirational and need to get worked on by congress, the fact remains that it becomes the starting point for negotiations and so the final result may only be marginally better.

Seth Meyers comments on the budget.

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