Yet another reason to hate United Airlines

The behavior of United Airlines in assaulting a passenger who refused to be kicked off a flight to accommodate United employees was disgusting. Instead of increasing the incentives to take another flight, they resorted to beating up the man and carrying him off the plane. Astonishingly, the man appeared on the plane again later looking bloody, dazed, and confused.

The ‘apology’ by the airline was utterly tone deaf. I expect the roughed-up passenger to sue the airline and the jury to give him massive damages.

Jimmy Kimmel spent the first five minutes of his monologue last night explaining what happened and excoriating the airline for its behavior. His parody ad was particularly biting.

I have long hated United Airlines, considering it to be one of the worst in terms of service but unfortunately for the people of Cleveland, since its merger with Continental, it is the only major airline that flies in and out of here so we are stuck without much choice.


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    It’s just more “bow to your corporate masters” training.

    Someone once said that with United your bag travels like it’s a person and people are treated like luggage. Apparently not, since they usually won’t haul luggage off a plane once it is loaded. But all the airlines suck. They know they can get away with it because there is no alternative. And airport security does the same trick: “hurrr hurrr hurrrr if you don’t like it, try walking.”

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