Ignore the squirrels released by Donald Trump

I remarked during the debates about how easy it was for Hillary Clinton to have Donald Trump chase after the squirrels she released to deflect from her own problems. But it seems like Trump has learned the value of squirrels and is now using them whenever he needs to distract the media from focusing on anything embarrassing. And now it is the media that is chasing after the squirrels released by Trump, usually in the form of absurd tweets.

Remember the tweet he released about Mike Pence and the play Hamilton that was released just at the time that news emerged that he had settled for $25 million a lawsuit brought against the so-called Trump University by students who felt that they had been cheated? That settlement put the lie to Trump’s boasts that his university was legitimate and that he never settled his cases but always fought to win.

He does not always use tweets to distract attention. Sometimes he does so probably because he has poor impulse control and is irked by anything that seems to him to be denigrating of him. But as this Saturday Night Live sketch suggests, one purpose does seem to be to “distract the media from his business conflicts and the scary people in his cabinet”.

We need to focus on his actual actions and not on his silly rantings.


  1. says

    We need to focus on his actual actions and not on his silly rantings.

    Which appear to be mostly slicing the cabinet up like a shawarma for rich businessmen. See, when he said he’d “drain the swamp” he didn’t mention that he was going to replace the alligators with vultures.

  2. DonDueed says

    Baldwin is offering top stop portraying Trump if Trump releases his tax returns.

    Unfortunately the horse has long left that barn.

  3. says

    Unfortunately the horse has long left that barn.

    It turns out that nobody who voted for Trump cared about that. Because he tells it like it is.

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