Trump’s disgraceful attacks on the Central Park Five

Lost in the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump’s recordings boasting of sexual assault were the vile remarks he made about the Central Park Five. For those who don’t recall the case, Wikipedia describes what happened. On April 19, 1989, a female jogger was brutally raped and beaten almost to death. That same night, five teenagers were arrested as part of a sweep in response to a large number of young people who had been randomly attacking people. They were wrongfully convicted of the rape and assault but later the actual guilty person was found. The convictions of the five were vacated in 2002 after all had served their sentences and the city settled a lawsuit against it for $41 million.

Liliana Segura gives us the story about how Trump at the time was one of the fiercest critics of the five. During the trial, Trump inflamed the situation by placing full-page advertisements in all four major New York newspapers on May 1, 1989 calling for the return of the death penalty in order to make people afraid, and was blamed for creating a climate under which the wrongful convictions were obtained.

Trump of course, refuses to admit he is wrong and kept insisting that the five were guilty, repeating that charge on the same day that the video emerged of his own boasts of sexual assault, even going to the extent of denying the validity of the DNA evidence that exonerated the five.

There are many things that should disqualify Trump from becoming president but his refusal to accept that he is wrong about anything, even when it is obvious that it is so, has to be a major one.


  1. R. C. Olwen says

    As far as I can remember the victim always said it was one perpetrator, not a gang.
    So this is another case where the victim of rape is not believed!
    The only not-so-common fact is that she was proven right much later.
    And yes, all of you who are eligible to vote in the US PLEASE spare me and yourself a president Drumpfpfpf!

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