Donald Trump’s weird obsession with Rosie O’Donnell

As we have seen, Donald Trump seems to place a great deal of importance on women’s looks. Matt Pearce writes that when he visited his properties, he would tell the managers to fire any woman on the staff that did not meet his standards and replace them with prettier women, and the managers had to scramble to find workarounds in order to save those women’s jobs.

Donald Trump wanted only the pretty ones, his employees said.

After the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes opened for play in 2005, its world-famous owner didn’t stop by more than a few times a year to visit the course hugging the coast of the Pacific.

When Trump did visit, the club’s managers went on alert. They scheduled the young, thin, pretty women on staff to work the clubhouse restaurant — because when Trump saw less-attractive women working at his club, according to court records, he wanted them fired.

One can imagine the awkward situations this created, with managers having to rate their employees according to Trump’s standards for looks and then telling some women not to come in that day because they did not clear the bar for looks.

But Trump seems to have a particular obsession with Rosie O’Donnell. In the course of his article that delves into Trump’s misogyny, Robert Mackey also gives us the back story to this particular animosity that goes back to what happened in 2006, when O’Donnell appeared on the show The View.

Mackey provides clips of the many, many times he has attacked her in the media. His comments are unbelievably ugly, shocking even me who does not expect much from Trump. I had no idea it was so bad. Here is one clip.

We should not be surprised that Trump has been nursing a grudge over this for ten years. The man is the poster child for being thin-skinned. Reginald Selkirk links to in a comment about how Trump is still going on about Alicia Machado, launching fresh attacks on her just this morning and thus keeping the story alive, despite appeals from his advisors to simply drop it. He simply cannot give even the now-standard minimal not-apology along the lines of, “It was a long time ago and in my concern about maintaining the image of the Miss Universe contest, I may have said things that were not appropriate.”

But he just can’t and this is what makes him an ongoing irresistible target for comedians like Seth Meyers.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    In Trump’s recent tweets about Machado, he claimed that Clinton was holding up Machado as an “angel”* and a paragon of virtue. Clinton did not do that, she merely related how Trump had treated Machado badly. That just tells us more about Trump. If someone is not perfect, then they are deserving of abuse. Trump himself would not hold up well under this standard.

    * Quote marks in the original.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    Listen to Donald Trump recount how his 17-year-old daughter made him ‘swear’ not to date someone younger than her

    When Ivanka Trump was 17 years old, she reportedly set an age limit for the women that dad Donald Trump was allowed to date. “I have a deal with her,” Trump said of his daughter during a taping of The Howard Stern Show in June 1999. “She’s 17 and doing great — Ivanka. She made me promise, swear to her, that I would never date a girl younger than her.” The New York Daily News pointed out that 17 is the age of consent in New York, “so Trump essentially told Ivanka that he wouldn’t violate statutory rape law.” …

  3. sonofrojblake says

    The New York Daily News pointed out that 17 is the age of consent in New York, “so Trump essentially told Ivanka that he wouldn’t violate statutory rape law.” …

    Apparently, nobody at the New York Daily News understands the concept of the progression of linear time or the meaning of the word “never”, or possibly they though Ivanka Trump was going to die at the age of 17 or just by some other means never get any older? I’m struggling to come up with any other interpretation of that ridiculous line or how it reflects badly on Trump…

    … apart from, y’know, having to be told by his own daughter that dating someone younger than she was, ever, would be creepy.

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