Sarah Palin’s latest gibberish

I tend not to pay much attention to Sarah Palin anymore. Her shtick has worn so thin that it is hard to even laugh at her ranting. She never has anything interesting to say and her incoherent speech style long ago ceased to have the novelty that made it worth listening to. But sometimes she reaches new lows that I think are worth sharing.

You can read her latest Facebook post but to get the full flavor, listen to Stephen Colbert read it.


  1. Smokey says

    She seems so honestly, helplessly out of touch with the real world. It’s like she’s really trying to tell us a (admittedly bad) message, but it’s completely garbled on the way to her mouth, or hands as the case may be. And then we all laugh at her.

    I don’t see the rabid bigotry and misogyny, the spiteful I’m-better-than-you hatred of the average conservative politician that so clearly tells us that they’re well-spoken assholes hell-bent on screwing everyone over in the name of Jesus, proving that the national motto really is “Fuck you, I got mine”. She’s not a driven zealot, she’s just parroting them without understanding the words.

    I see a deluded person struggling to communicate with the world, and not even realizing that it all turns to shit. She’s (always been) in way over her head, struggling to keep up with the cesspool that is US politics.

    I can’t laugh at her. It feels like kicking an injured puppy for shits and giggles.

    I honestly feel sorry for her.

  2. tkreacher says

    Smokey #2

    If that “injured puppy” were a dominionist, gun-pushing, government wrecking, racist, bigoted charlatan that lied their way to the governance of human beings, a VP run, and the fame necessary to blare their boisterous voice which promotes everything authoritarian and vile to the world at large, sure.

    It’s just like that.

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