More great moments in parking

From reader Jeff I received this link to another such episode. We see again a situation where the driver at an event in Virginia that attracted car enthusiasts, manages to make a total hash of parking even though the space available is huge. What makes this distinctive is that her car ends up on top of the car behind and that both cars are very expensive. The offending car is a Mercedes Benz while the victim car is a Ferrari costing around $300,000.

The only way that I think this could have happened is that if the driver of the Benz for some reason, perhaps by mistake, pressed the accelerator too hard while reversing, because the Benz must have been traveling at some speed to climb on top of the Ferrari.


  1. says

    There’s a spot in London where a lot of car toy owners seem to like to go show off their collections. And if you look on youtube for “exotic car fail” you’ll recognize hyde park corner in the background. I’ve seen it a couple times -- seems like renting an exotic and losing control of it is a popular pastime in some circles. I found the sound of 10+ cylinder engines to be less pleasant than the (virtually gone) shriek of taxi brakes.

  2. johnson catman says

    In the beginning of the video, it sounds like she guns it, like she is trying to get off of the Ferrari, but the drive wheel is elevated and can’t get any traction. Driver’s licenses in this country should be a lot harder to get. There are way too many idiots behind the wheel of a vehicle here.

  3. Milton says

    Looking at the angle of the front wheels, and the direction the Merc appears to have taken, I’d guess the driver thought they were in 1st gear…when in fact reverse was engaged. In other words: I’m not sure it’s a parking fail as such -- could have been trying to pull away (perhaps in a ‘dramatic’, show-off fashion)?

    What are the odds the Merc is a manual transmission with which the driver was less than familiar?


  4. Lofty says

    The Mercedes concerned is from the early 80’s so probably spends most of its life in a warm dry garage. The driver may have very little experience parking it. I personally own an older Mercedes and reverse gear use on those automatics can be difficult to get right, especially with a sticking throttle cable. I feel sorry for the people whose day has been ruined by a momentary slip of the foot.

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