You’re not helping, Ben

At a time when the Donald Trump camp should be telling all its surrogates to just stop talking about the Khans so that media attention shifts away from this damaging issue, his supporter Ben Carson emerges from hibernation to suggest that all this spectacle could be ended if both Trump and the Khans apologized to each other, though he admitted that this was unlikely to happen. When asked what exactly the Khans should apologize for, Carson was typically vague saying that they had said things about Trump that were not true.

He said that the country would be better served if the debate shifted to the really important things. He did not specify what those might be but going by his past comments, I would guess that he thinks that the epidemic levels of political correctness is of the most concern.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to provide comedians with material. Here’s Stephen Colbert pointing out Trump’s strategy of shifting attention from one outrageous statement by saying something even more outrageous and wonders what he could possibly come up with that would make the media let go of the Khan story.


  1. KG says

    Surely the real function of the pyramids is the most vital and urgent issue facing the country?

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