9-1-1 problems

On Last Week Tonight John Oliver talks about this emergency service that we take for granted and highlights some of the problems that it has and the improvements that are needed. He says that many states and localities do not fund and support it to the extent that is necessary, another example of how far down the road we have gone to cutting into services that serve the public good.


  1. says

    Hey, but we’re gonna have the F-35!!! Never mind that it doesn’t work as well as old cold war-era stuff and you don’t need high tech aircraft to bomb 3rd-worlders (which is all the air force has done since 3/4 of the way through WWII) — who needs 911 when you’ve got F-35s!!!!! USA! USAAAAAA!

  2. tbtabby says

    There are plenty of things we could do to fix this. Sadly, they’re all things that make Republicans--and some Democrats--howl.

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