Stephen Colbert on the New York primary results

First up, he gives us Ted Cruz’s weird speech after he lost, where he invoked a metaphor for the US that was somewhat creepy.

Then Colbert talks to cartoon Donald Trump about all the wheeling and dealing and bribery that is likely to take place to woo delegates and ‘Trump’ promises that the convention in Cleveland will be spectacular.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    Five photographs of potential nominees. Three fairly neutral smiles with teeth showing. One fairly neutral smile with teeth covered. One… unfortunate mid-word face-pull. Coincidence?

    I’m certain there are thousands, millions even, of photographs of Donald Trump with a neutral smile… but those pictures hardly ever seem to get used. It’s always the gurning ones on the front page.

    Similarly, with every single other politician, the sheer number of photos that get taken of them means there must be thousands where they’re pulling an odd face mid-word. And yet those photos never get used -- always the anodyne smile (or shit-eating smirk, in the case of Cruz, and before him W).

    It’s almost as though some people in the media think that by repeatedly showing pictures of Donald Trump looking ridiculous, they can negatively affect his performance in elections. If that is the case… those people obviously aren’t paying attention.

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