John Oliver on the abortion debate

I have written before about how anti-choice people have been making it harder and harder for women to obtain safe, legal abortions, something they are perfectly entitled to, by shutting down clinics that provide such services using the spurious argument that they are trying to protect women’s health. In his latest episode of Last Week Tonight John Oliver explains what is going on.

You have to hand it to Oliver. He tackles hard, controversial topics and manages to be informative while being funny.


  1. nahuati says

    Speaking of abortion laws, Bill introduced to ban most abortions in Utah.

    Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, is proposing that Utah ban the most common forms of abortion— but the Legislature’s lawyers warn that the bill likely is unconstitutional.

    Oda on Thursday introduced HB442 to abolish what it calls “dismemberment abortion,” where a doctor “deliberately and intentionally dismembers a living unborn child.”

    “To me, that’s like desecrating a human being. If a human being dies, it’s illegal to desecrate human remains. What’s dismemberment? That’s desecration. That’s disgusting,” Oda said.

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