Real winter weather finally comes to Cleveland

After prolonged period of fall-like weather, today in Cleveland we saw sub-freezing temperatures accompanied by a mixture of snow, sleet, and strong winds that made being outside quite unpleasant.

We all know what that means: GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!


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    Honestly, I am selfish enough to be annoyed there is finally winter precipitation in Cleveland. The outlook this week is… interesting. But i suppose i can be happy i don’t live any further east than i do.

    Climate change hoax indeed. El NiÑo and that warm air incursion into the arctic lied to me too. I’m supposed to be able to grow coconuts on the balmy shores of Erie right now.

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    Ha! With the way the heat runs in this building in winter (for complex reasons), one would think global warming was already at projected 2120 temperature indices. I suppose that could be used as a counterpoint to deniers using their level of honesty.

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