Pouring molten metal into water

A YouTuber known as The Backyard Scientist shows what happens when you pour seven different various molten metals into a fish tank full of cold water to see what happens. Why? Why not? I would definitely not recommend trying this at home.


  1. raym says

    Fun, I suppose. However, I do take issue with his comment concerning Aluminium and the pronunciation thereof. He stated that pronouncing it as ‘alamin-yum’ is just wrong, rather than conceding the difference in both spelling and pronunciation according to one’s geographic location.

    Of course, as all right-thinking people know, the American ‘aloo-min-um’ is an abomination to be avoided at all costs!

  2. lorn says

    First, the obligatory warning: Experimentation can be messy and dangerous.

    That out of the way I’m glad to see people doing this sort of thing. I did some of this when I was a kid. IMHO people who have actual experience doing this sort of free-form experiment have a deeper, visceral , understanding of relative scales of how fast things react, their relative violence, and relative danger. Scale is really important to having an intuitive feel for how things will work, or fail.

    Unfortunately for modern kids if you play with this sort for thing you can easily come into conflict with neighbors and the law.

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