Taking aim at those who stoke the fires of racism

Jeb Lund catalogues in great detail all the people who have contributed to the racist paranoia in the country that poison the minds of people like the murderer in Charleston, and have constantly emitted “the long low dog whistle that entered the mainstream of American conservatism with Nixon and the Southern Strategy in 1968 — a toxic mixture of anti-government resentment, absolute refusal to recognize the left as legitimate, and racial loathing.”

Lund adds that in the eyes of people like the killer, “The enemy is one entity now. Black people are the engine of the Democratic Party, which is the engine of bad government, which is the engine of illegitimate oppression. They are part of a vast national criminal enterprise — against which our founders gave us a special amendment as a lethal and liberating tool. To kill them is an act of rebellion, the hunting down of the criminal and the freeing of yourself and the just.”

I would like to see a concerted effort by all right-thinking people to attack Fox News (and its political arm the Republican party) to get them to cease their hateful racist rhetoric, however covertly it is manifested. It is only a concerted campaign that has a chance of changing things.

Larry Wilmore plays his part by taking aim at Fox News and their willful obscuring of the facts.


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