Geraldo Rivera and Fox News get an earful

An articulate young man tells Geraldo Rivera and the Fox News crew to get the hell out of Baltimore because they are never there to report on the awful conditions in that area or when there are peaceful protests and demonstrations to try and get things improved. They only come when there is upheaval and then just to deplore the violence and paint the residents when they are in a bad light.

Throughout the encounter, Rivera puts on a glassy smile and does not respond because there really is nothing that he can say in his or his network’s defense. People like him are not used to having people tell them to their face that they are useless and rotten and they do not know how to respond. He tries to move away but the young man sticks to him like glue and lets him have it.

But you can be sure that once Rivera is back in the protective cocoon of his studio and is surrounded by like-minded people, he will revert to his usual tough guy persona alternating with whining about how mean people were to him and how they should be more civil.


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