Crazy car chase

Via Jonathan Turley I came across this video of a crazy driver of a car speeding through Los Angeles recently, where a news helicopter followed the car as it wove through busy streets and intersections, going the wrong way, with the driver not seeming to care in the least that he was damaging other vehicles and putting people’s lives at risk, even taking over a new car when his was involved in an accident.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Apparently this all started with the guy trying to steal a car, so empathy for others doesn’t seem to be his strong suit to start with. Risk vs. reward calculations also seem to be outside this guy’s wheelhouse, but then if this kind of thinking came easily to him he probably wouldn’t be a criminal in the first place.

  2. lorn says

    Even with all the destruction most people convicted with such behavior will spend, at most, a few years in jail and pay a few thousand dollars in fines. Even less than that if the offender is a juvenile.

    If this idiot maims you, destroys your vehicle you will only be made whole if you have insurance that covers it. How you pay medical bills or live without a vehicle if you don’t have insurance that covers it is entirely on the person injured. Collectively the society can easily be on the hook for millions of dollars in medical bills and material damage.

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