Pretentious advertisements for cars

In an earlier post that had a clip from The Daily Show that made fun of Sarah Palin’s incoherent speech at the Iowa audition of possible presidential candidate, a parody of an advertisement for the Lincoln Continental car that featured actor Matthew McConaughey was shown. Curious, I went online to see the ad and it is truly weird.

I can never get over people who try to imbue mundane things like the purchase of a car with reverent significance. It is just a damn car, people! It takes you from here to there. That’s it.

Of course, such a pretentious ad starring a famous person just cries out for parodies and Jim Carrey and the Saturday Night Live crew came up with some beauties.


  1. jockmcdock says

    Yeah, I wondered if, as a non-American, I was missing some of the significance of the spoken word. But, “Pretentious drivel + celebrity = profound wisdom” pretty well confirms my initial reaction.


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