Not his strength

The video below is of some kind of competition to see which dog can race down a track fastest. The catch is that on both sides of the track are placed distractions in the forms of treats and toys and it takes a certain single-minded focus to ignore those and proceed straight ahead. Not all are successful.

I think that Baxter the Wonder Dog would be hopeless in this event. He is just too playful, not to mention incredibly attracted to any food.

Incidentally, almost anything funny can be made funnier by having Yakety Sax play in the background.


  1. says

    I’m sure that retriever is lovable, but is as bright as a five watt bulb. It looked like it was going to choke on those sausages.

    Regarding “Yakety Sax”, here’s two for comparison. Actually, I prefer the first because the woman’s comments and in/out zooming are timed perfectly. And the video doesn’t even have to be sped up, unlike Benny Hill shows.

    Killer chicks 1

    Killer chicks 2

  2. Mano Singham says


    No, I had not heard of that site but it looks like another promising one for me to waste time!

  3. mnb0 says

    The retriever I had about 30 years ago (not a racially pure one) was a champ in finding tennis balls. On the positive side every kid in the neighborhood who had lost one (or wanted to get a free one – I never checked as I had too many anyway) knew where to find me. On the negative side it happened to me a couple of times that he began to dug gardens, not caring at all if the owners were around. She also had the habit to jump in the dirtiest, smelliest ditches and pools she could find.

  4. forestdragon says

    The worst part of it? I’m sure the dog had been fed earlier. They just don’t want to miss out on any ‘nummies’. I do wonder if any of the toys actually belonged to any of the dogs or if they were new toys specifically for the event.

    I’m afraid my Papillon would fail this event miserably.

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