1. Sunday Afternoon says

    I was going to comment on your other Scottish Independence post. However, after having just spoken with my Scottish parents (I’m in California), they left me with the distinct impression that the “shut up” is being largely directed towards the people who want to remain in the union.

    Clearly my parents want the union to remain, but what was depressing was hearing them say that they felt that they daren’t place a “No” sticker on their car or in the windows in their house. To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me one bit given the memories I have of growing up in the town. It’s very sad. My parents are hoping that there are a lot of other “silent no” voters.

    What does seem to be the case is that there will be fantastic turnout. I would like to add my voice, with 11 minutes left in the voting, to the no vote also.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    I was born and raised in the ‘New World’, but my heritage is pretty much equal parts English and Scots-Irish. There is much to admire, and much to deplore, about both cultures.
    First off, shame on the English, for treating the Scots (and the Welsh and the Irish, and the …) like second-class citizens for so long.
    But also, I have to say the Scottish pride could be toned down a little. Yes, you Scots have been oppressed both culturally and economically for centuries, and you shouldn’t sweep it under the rug. But your instincts too often run to “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. Please take a clear-eyed look at the economic situation you “Yes” voters will subject your fellow countrymen to. Do you really want to become the Greece of the British Isles?
    I hope the vote turns out to be a narrow “No” vote, and then I hope the arrogant English will realize what they almost threw away and the prideful Scots will realize the value in cooperation and diversity.

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