Bundy supporters need money

All the super-patriots who rallied around Cliven Bundy to protect his god given right to not pay the grazing fees that everyone else pays because he is the reincarnation of George Washington or something are now finding out that it actually costs money even if you are just hanging around doing nothing.

So what does a patriot who thinks that all that big government does is cater to the moochers and looters do when they need money? Go out and earn it by the sweat of their brow like a true Merkin? Nah. Adam Weinstein says that they are appealing to people to give them money so that they can continue to live the life to which they have become accustomed.

But Weinstein says that the response has not been good which likely makes them mad at the ingratitude of people who do not appreciate that these patriots are fighting for the freedom and liberty of cattle to graze where they please.

So please everyone, will no one think of the cows?


  1. John Horstman says

    Aww, the millionaire they’re supporting doesn’t want to pay them for their labor as mercenaries? Caveat venditor, you free-market-loving-but-entirely-misunderstanding asshats.

  2. sigurd jorsalfar says

    What happened to all that money Bundy saved up by not paying his grazing fees?

    But I do feel bad for these heroes. I’m sending them all my spare bitcoins right away.

  3. raven says

    There is another group equally as deserving of your support.

    Hemp growers deep in our National Forests. These god-fearing, patriotic, free enterprise, America lovers need something to keep them going until the harvest season.

    If you are a fan of natural fiber rope, send them some money, preferably in small, unmarked bills.

  4. daved says

    This whole absurd Bundy affair is a microcosm of what has been going on in the US at least since Reagan.

    I mean, we have a rich guy who doesn’t want to pay his bills (or taxes) conning a bunch of non-rich rubes into helping him stay rich. He provides nothing at all for them except an emotional outlet, and they’re reduced to begging for handouts. It’s just too perfect.

  5. raven says

    But Weinstein says that the response has not been good which likely makes them mad at the ingratitude of people who do not appreciate…

    I’m surprised. Usually the rightwing nuts and christofascists have no problem getting huge quantities of money for nothing.

    It is so easy to be a fundie xian hero.

    1. Sarah Palin Babbling idiot.

    2. Michele Bachmann Poster person for fundie xian induced cognitive impairment.

    3. Pat Robertson Zombie who is occasionally reanimated.

    4. Bristol Palin Teenager who spent 15 minutes in the back of a car with someone she barely knew and got pregnant.

    5. Any fundie leader who spouts hate and lies.

    6. Romney Nonxian Reptilian-human hybrid shapeshifter

    7. Cliven Bundy Thief and Welfare Queen.

    PS: I wouldn’t give them 10 cents for any reason. But one is, it may well fall under the draconian laws of giving financial support to terrorists.

  6. hyphenman says

    Cows got guns…

    Very funny (and clever and cute), but hey, you know the whole biology thing, cows got udders, bulls have penises and testicles, steers, where the beef comes from, just got the penises. He, Cow Tse Tongue, was a steer, so what was with the udder?

    I know, I know, poetic license, but around here, science has to count for something right?

    Still funny enough to post on my own blog and take the heat from other pickers of nits.

  7. DaveL says

    his god given right to not pay the grazing fees that everyone else pays

    You mean his right not to pay the heavily subsidized grazing fees that other ranchers pay. I don’t know if you could feed a gerbil for a month on what the BLM charges for grazing per head.

  8. thebookofdave says

    Mr. Bundy places great stock in his knowledge that:

    “Our Constitution is based on ten things, and it’s based on the Ten Commandments, most everything that was done in the Constitution follows that law, which would be our founding fathers’ law, the Ten Commandments.”

    So I’ll offer him and his cadre of freedom fighters support far more important than mere cash. Something to pay them back in kind for the struggles they endured on behalf of the good people of ‘Murica, and guaranteed to preserve the Constitutional principles they worked so hard to defend. Something that will not fail to achieve the results they deserve.

    I’ll pray for them.

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