May Day celebrations around the world

Today is the day when the world (except the US of course, because as the one true exceptional nation, we don’t need no stinking worker solidarity) acknowledges the rights of workers and their hard-won achievements all over the globe that have made our lives so much better, and calls for greater unity among workers to achieve yet more.

Here is a nice compilation of photographs of May Day parades and celebrations.


  1. Lassi Hippeläinen says

    “except the US of course”
    Actually Mayday as a worker’s celebration started in the USA in late 1800’s. In 1886 a general strike in Chicago on May 1st lead to the Haymarket Massacre.

    Before that Mayday was a pagan celebration of the spring. There were the Beltane of the Celts, German Walpurgisnacht, etc. This tradition is still going strong.

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