Parody of Aaron Sorkin’s TV shows

Aaron Sorkin is the creator of popular shows such as The West Wing and The Newsroom that have his signature style such as the walk-talk in which characters in positions of importance are moving around and talking over each other at times of crisis, behaving with a great sense of urgency, mixing the personal with business, interspersed with somewhat preachy messages and moralizing.

Here is a clip that has a pretty good parody of that style.


  1. dysomniak "They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred!" says

    1) The male lead in that sketch is Josh Charles, who starred in Sorkin’s first series, Sports Night.

    2) You forgot the most important characteristic of a Sorkin show: every character sounds exactly like Aaron Sorkin, because he’s a talentless narcissistic hack who can’t write check without it oozing didactic self-satisfaction.

    2a) My personal favorite (if unintentional) “spoof” of his shows:

    3) I have seen every episode of all his shows except the last and current season of newsroom, which I will probably hate watch at some point after I’ve caught up on Veep.

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