Well done, Afghanistan!

It was great to hear that Afghanistan beat Bangladesh in a one-day international game at the Asia Cup tournament currently being played. It marks the first time Afghanistan had beaten a Test playing nation since the national team was formed in 2001. For a weary war-torn country, achievements in seemingly frivolous pastimes can be quite a morale booster.

What makes this even more noteworthy is that the tournament is being played in Bangladesh, so they had to overcome the opponent’s home-field advantage.

Even though they lost the next game to Sri Lanka, this win will undoubtedly give them a boost as they prepare for their first World Cup tournament in 2015.

Sri Lanka has made it to the finals of the five-nation tournament and will likely face Pakistan, with India and Afghanistan having just a slim chance of edging Pakistan out. The way I read the points table, for Afghanistan to have a chance of making the final, Pakistan would have to lose to Bangladesh tomorrow and Afghanistan would have to convincingly beat India on Wednesday.


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    I thought you were going to say that they’d formally refused to allow the US occupation to continue, and had given Obama the excuse he needed to get troops the hell out of there. (sigh) Sports. Yawn.

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