Important security upgrade for Mac users

You may recall my post earlier this week about the security flaw that was discovered in Mac operating systems. Apple issued a patch to fix the flaws for iPads and iPhones and now they have issued a fix for Mac computers too.

The security fix is embedded in a general upgrade to v.10.9.2 and you can get it by going to the Apple menu and selecting Software Update.

The upgrade adds some new features and functionality and fixes some other bugs as well. You can read about what v.10.9.2 does here.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Apparently, those Big Important People in Cupertino have not gotten around to security fixes for those of us using earlier versions of OSX.

    Oh well – by definition, we are small unimportant people.

  2. tbrandt says

    Earlier versions of OS-X are unaffected. The bug itself is hilarious. The offending line of code is an excess statement reading

    goto fail;

    which is amusingly appropriate.

  3. timberwoof says

    Now hang on, tbrandt: Apple does release security patches for older, otherwise unsupported, versions of the OS. The most recent for Snow Leopard was 12 Sept 2013. The update from the other day was for Lion or later. They do take security seriously, and someone is in trouble over that editing error.

  4. says

    by definition, we are small unimportant people.

    Well, since you haven’t bought the latest bit of SHINY like a good Apple slave, you can pound sand. Apple’s got money to make, and if you’re not helping, you’re history. Or something.

  5. colnago80 says

    As I understand it, the bug is only serious if one uses Safari. Apparently, Chrome and Firefox are unaffected.

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