Two good British comedies

There are two British comedy series that can be seen on Hulu and that I can recommend.

One is Spy that consists of 17 half-hour episodes spread out over two seasons. The other is The Wrong Mans that consists of just six half-hour episodes.

The former tells the story of a father who is trying keep custody of his son. The boy, arrogant and obnoxious, wants to live with his mother because he thinks his father, who works as a shop assistant, is boring and a total loser. The father, desperately seeking to improve his image in the eyes of his son, accidentally ends up being hired by the British secret service as a spy but ironically cannot tell his son about his exciting new job and whom he works for.

This comedy is full of zany characters and is fast moving, with each episode being pretty self-contained within an over-arching storyline. Here’s the trailer.

And here’s a short clip.

The Wrong Mans is more of an action comedy thriller that has one story running through all six episodes. It is about two hapless low-level employees working for a local government agency who, by finding a phone at the site of a car accident, stumble into a plot that involves political corruption, espionage, and gangsters.

I enjoyed both.


  1. badgersdaughter says

    Anyone have a really good way for a Yank (with a British husband who misses his TV) to watch British TV without a VPN?

  2. morsgotha says

    An older british comedy that you can see on Hulu is ‘Spaced’, I cannot recommend that one enough.

  3. Some Old Programmer says

    I’ll chime in with a strong recommendation for the first two series of “Chef!” (series 3 isn’t up to the same standard).

  4. says

    If you get the chance you should try to find The Ambassadors with Mitchell and Webb. Sort of a comedy drama set in a fictionalized central Asian republic. There are sadly only 3 episodes so far.

  5. Mano Singham says


    I know it can be done because my neighbor, who is a Scot, told me once that he did. If you Google “How to watch British TV” you get a lot of hits but since I have never used any of them, I cannot recommend a specific one.

  6. Mano Singham says

    Lindsay as The Examiner is a riot, in quite a different role from that of Blair. Really versatile actor.

  7. Mano Singham says


    By a coincidence I just met my neighbor while we were both shoveling snow and he told me that he uses a free service at to view British TV.

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