Splits ads

Pretty much the entire internet must have seen by now the Volvo ad featuring action actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

I dislike such ads and was not planning to show it because you just know that some idiot is going to try and replicate it, urged on by his ‘friends’ as a dare, with likely disastrous results.

But I thoroughly approve of this attempt at copying it by another actor Channing Tatum.


  1. mnb0 says

    No, I hadn’t seen the Volvo ad until now. Generally I try to avoid ads like the plague.
    The Van Damme one is pretty cool though and the Channing parody hilarious.

  2. Mano Singham says

    Thanks! I had seen the Ford one earlier and had wondered how they did it so well. What also impresses me is that they were able to do it in 12 hours.

  3. kyoseki says

    Yeah, if you have the right guys in place, it’s amazing what you can get done in an abbreviated timeframe.

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