Another example of how Goldman Sachs runs our government

Felix Salmon tells us what happened, comparing two cases, one in which Goldman Sachs sided with the defendant, the other in which they were part of the prosecution, and the big differences in the outcomes. Can you guess which case resulted in the harsher punishment? He concludes:

In any case, I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that America’s system of jurisprudence simply isn’t up to the task of holding banks and bankers accountable for their actions. The only people who ever get prosecuted are small fry and insider traders, rather than the people who really caused the biggest damage. And the lesson of Sergei Aleynikov is that if and when the laws get beefed up, the banks will simply end up taking advantage of those laws for their own vindictive purposes, rather than becoming victims of them. Given the ease with which Goldman got the FBI to do its bidding, one has to assume that, most of the time, the government will be working on the same side as the big banks, rather than working against them. Do we really want to give those banks ever more powerful weapons?

No, we don’t.

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