Great moments in non sequiturs

Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife manages to pull off an incredibly difficult triple Axel, pivoting smoothly from the topic of obesity in Mexico to US immigration policy.

ABOUT 70 percent of Mexican adults are overweight, many of them to the point of obesity, according to a report at CBS News. This is very sad, and obviously Mexicans are suffering from pizzafication too, but it also raises the question as to why Americans are, as some people argue, morally obligated to provide citizenship to many millions of illegal Mexican immigrants.

No doubt you too had whiplash from watching that maneuver but Laura (we have not been formally introduced so I may be committing a serious social faux pas by referring to her by her first name but have visited her site so often that I feel I know her well enough to take the liberty) quickly explains the connection.

Isn’t it possible they could survive at home? Perhaps if some Mexicans ate less, others could avoid hunger.

Come on Mexicans, share the fat! Just like we do here in the socialist USA where those who have pizza share with those who don’t have any, which is why we have no hungry people here and so can eliminate the food stamp program. Then you’ll solve your obesity problem and our immigration problem.

A win-win, you might say, and who wouldn’t want that?


  1. gshelley says

    At least she wrote “raises the question” rather than “begs the question”

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