Atheists play volleyball? Who knew?

Sally Morrow reports on a volleyball tournament pitting atheists versus Christians in Kansas City to raise money for charity and to increase dialogue and understanding between the two groups.


  1. Francisco Bacopa says

    Beach volleyball is so West Coast. I was shocked the first time I ever got into the Pacific Ocean in California. That thing is too damn cold! No wonder you play volleyball. The Gulf of Mexico is warmer in the winter than your Pacific in the summer. No wonder y’all play volleyball instead of swimming.

  2. says

    True. Or pull on a wetsuit to surf.

    Although I have to say, the Northwest isn’t that much better — I was in the ocean yesterday (and there were people playing volleyball) outside of Boston, and it was chilly. But with the upwelling off the west coast, the water’s almost always in the 50s.

  3. bad Jim says

    Fred Clark at Slacktivist writes:

    (A warning to KC atheists, though: Bible Belt Baptists tend to be pretty good at volleyball, softball and roller skating. If you want an edge, challenge ‘em to a pool tournament.)

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