The GOP’s slavish devotion to the rich

One has to hand it to the Democrats. They have been fairly successful in masking their allegiance to the oligarchy. The GOP is far more open about whose interests they really care about. As the fiscal cliff Kabuki theater played itself out towards the end of the year. I did not follow the details of the maneuvering that led up to the final agreement but was intrigued by the suggestion put forward by speaker John Boehner of something known as ‘Plan B’ as a stop-gap measure. This came and went fairly quickly and so did receive much scrutiny but its details show the priorities of the GOP.

As Jason Easley said:

The bill may be dead, but it is important to look what the House Republicans tried to do. Rep. Chris Van Hollen pointed out during the debate that Plan B would throw 300,000 kids off food stamps and an additional 300,000 kids off of Medicaid. According to a White House analysis, Boehner’s Plan B would actually give millionaires a $50,000 tax cut. A Tax Policy Center analysis of Plan B found that it would result in a tax cut of $108,000 for millionaires.

That plan is mercifully dead (though bad plans that favor the rich are like zombies and tend to reappear in different guises) but it reveals the priorities of the GOP, that it thinks nothing of starving poor children while funneling more money into the pockets of wealthy people.



  1. says

    How are people stupid enough to fall for this? I’m amazed at how effective a diet of propaganda can be!

    I can understand following one’s own self-interest slavishly.
    I can understand following one’s understanding of the communal interest slavishly.
    I cannot understand following an oligarch’s interest at the expense of one’s own and one’s community.

  2. Rodney Nelson says

    Marcus Ranum #1

    Because caring about your fellow citizens is socialism and it’s un-‘merican not to support the plutocracy and well…well…well..socialism!

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