Facts about Ohio Issue #2

On the ballot in November in Ohio is Issue #2 that seeks to take the drawing of electoral boundaries in the state out of the hands of elected officials who have a vested interest in drawing lines that favor incumbents and the majority party.

The organization Voters First has put out a brief description of how Issue #2 would work, as well as useful FAQ sheet.

All Ohioans, please vote ‘YES’ on Issue #2.


  1. Corvus illustris says

    Good luck from the losers of the Toledo War. Hope it works out in practice as well as it does in theory (pace Yogi Berra).

  2. says

    I don’t know how things are in Cleveland, but here in Columbus I’ve seen nothing but anti-issue 2 ads on TV (with scary music and everything). And the Columbus Dispatch is also urging its rejection. The vested interests sure are . . . interested.

  3. JagerBaBomb says

    Well, sure. This is very clearly a threat to the established powers in that area, and they recognize it as such. I’m not surprised.

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